Meet The Maker: Jen Reynoldson & Sync Organics

Meet The Maker: Jen Reynoldson & Sync Organics

Meet The Maker: Jen Reynoldson & Sync Organics

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Background and Inspiration


Sync Organics emerged from Jen Reynoldson's personal struggle with hormonal dysregulation, severe nutritional deficiency, and debilitating digestive issues. Dissatisfied with the band-aid solutions offered by modern medicine, Jen sought the guidance of holistic health practitioners. This journey illuminated stark differences between male and female biology, sparking a realization that traditional wellness approaches often overlooked the nuances of female well-being.

The Birth of Sync Organics

Motivated by her own transformative experience, Jen founded Sync Organics as a female-focused food and lifestyle movement. Her goal was to empower women to embrace their well-being consciously, with a holistic perspective that considers every aspect of life, from nutrition to movement and overall lifestyle choices.

Sync Organics Products: Mindful Design for Female Wellness

Sync Organics takes a holistic approach to female well-being. The brand's initial product line, starting with snacks, is meticulously crafted with women in mind. Using only the finest whole food ingredients rich in essential macro and micronutrients, Sync aims to address the nutritional gaps prevalent in women's diets. The products are 100% organic, natural, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free, providing a nourishing solution that supports cyclical and general harmony.


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Jen's Wellness Routine: Prioritizing Self-Care

Wellness and self-care hold top priority in Jen's daily routine. Recognizing the direct impact on her mental clarity and overall well-being, she has cultivated non-negotiable habits that nurture her mind, body, and soul. These rituals include morning meditation, technology-free walks in nature, and other practices that disconnect her from the demands of the modern world.

Advice for Your Wellness Journey: Individualized Approach

For individuals embarking on a wellness journey, Jen advocates focusing on one aspect at a time. She encourages trial and error, emphasizing bio-individuality. Wellness, she notes, is an ongoing pursuit and a habit-building practice. Once one aspect is conquered, integrating more practices aligned with personal needs can elevate the wellness journey.

Jen's Personal Favorites

Relaxation Activity:

Jen's go-to relaxation activity is a technology-free walk in nature. She finds that disconnecting from technology is essential for mental clarity and well-being. Grounding herself in nature and connecting with the earth, whether walking barefoot or touching flora, is deeply nourishing and supports a prosperous gut microbiome.

Favorite Mantra:

"I am love, I am happiness, I am light" — This mantra became an integral part of Jen's routine during challenging times. It helped her reshape her inner narrative, preserve mental well-being, and cultivate the best version of herself.

Morning Routine:

Jen's morning routine is a sacred practice that sets the tone for her entire day. It includes affirmations, hot-cold shower therapy, morning meditation, activation stretches, and a nourishing breakfast. Each element is carefully designed to support her mental, physical, and emotional well-being, creating a foundation for a successful day.

Learn more about Jen and Sync Organics: @syncorganics and syncorganics