Toffla Merinoull - Ballerina Fit

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Size stl. 35/36

Our warm and cozy slippers made of 100% merino wool have become a favorite among many and are perfect for keeping your feet warm during cold winter days.

Some people find that the slippers are a bit large in size. Our recommendation is not to choose a size that is too big. 

The slippers are made of 100% merino wool, and the production and all materials are certified by Woolmark with high environmental and health standards. The sole is made of vegan leather.

Merino wool comes from merino sheep specifically bred for their wool, resulting in a high-quality end product. The material is often used in winter garments that require that extra touch, thanks to its ability to retain warmth and wick away moisture.

The slipper is sold in dual sizes, and our recommendation is to stick to your regular size. Merino wool has a tendency to stretch slightly over time.

For the love of natural materials

Experience unmatched comfort and warmth with our luxurious merino wool slippers. Crafted from 100% merino wool, these slippers are the epitome of coziness during chilly winter days.

Certified by Woolmark, our slippers meet the highest environmental and health standards, ensuring a sustainable and safe product. The soft and breathable merino wool material not only retains heat but also effectively wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Keep your feet warm

Having warm feet during sleep can enhance your overall sleep quality. It promotes improved circulation, enhances comfort, regulates body temperature, reduces muscle tension, and helps you fall asleep faster. Enjoy a cozy and restful night's sleep with warm slippers.


As the slipper is made of 100% merino wool, we do not recommend machine washing. The wool contains lanolin which is naturally dirt repellent. If you spill on the slipper, we recommend that you wash the stain locally with a little detergent.

The vegan sole has a medium grip so you won't slip.

No, the sole is not built up and should not be used outdoors. The idea is that the slipper should work just as well for walking around as it does for lying on the sofa or bed.

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