Duvet Cover Bosco

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"Bosco" is available in 150x200 cm, tailored for both single and double beds in both Swedish and European measurements. The duvet covers are made from 100 percent organic cotton and sewn in a stone-washed twill weave that provides a soft and slightly crisp sensation.

The duvet covers are 150x200 cm and have a 70 cm wide opening at the foot end.

"Bosco" means "forest" in Italian. Imagine bark, ferns, moss, and lichen – these beddings are perfectly olive green, bordering on khaki.

About Midnatt

Midnatt is a female founded Swedish brand that produces home textiles for both children and adults using crisp, organic cotton. The inception of Midnatt's first collection was inspired by an aged, cherished shirt and a duvet cover found in the rural setting, which had been used and cherished across generations.

A Sustainable Choice

Since its inception in 2017, Midnight has been using GOTS-certified organic cotton in all their products, except for a collection featuring recycled cotton introduced in 2023. As of 2021, the entire production chain has also been GOTS-certified, with the final link being their operations in Sweden receiving certification in 2022.


To minimize wear on the textiles and the environment, we recommend washing our products at 40°C and allowing them to air dry.

Midnatt's production takes place in Tamil Nadu, India, where textile manufacturing and cotton cultivation coexist harmoniously. They collaborate with a small, family-owned factory, where the new generation is leading the transition to GOTS-certified production. They source their fabric and dyes from local producers, all of which are GOTS-certified. The products are then transported to Europe via sea freight. Since both the cotton and fabric are sourced from the same region as the rest of their production, transportation is minimized.

Asteh has brought in four earthy colours: Sorbetto, Bosco, Pebble and Wilted

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