This is Asteh

Asteh is a Swedish wellness brand based on the idea that the things we surround ourselves with and use in our daily lives can have a positive impact on our well-being. What we call products with a purpose. We want to encourage a broad and inclusive approach to health and well-being and inspire sustainable living. High quality, design, sustainable materials and natural ingredients are a matter of course for us in our work with products and brands.


Female Founded by a Psychologist

Asteh was founded by psychologist Ulrika and her daughter Emma, driven by their passion for self-care and sustainable living. They recognized the importance of promoting wellbeing and sought to create products that not only enhance wellness but also align with their values of environmental consciousness.

The Magazine

At Asteh, we embrace the diversity of life. Through our collection of products, stories and thoughts, we want to inspire a sustainable lifestyle. We want to go beyond commerce and create a welcoming place where you can explore, discover and learn.

Frequently Asked Questions