Why EVERY female should be incorporating blood sugar conscious food routines

Why EVERY female should be incorporating blood sugar conscious food routines
An article written by Jen Reynoldson from Sync Organics


Blood sugar or glucose, are terms commonly overlooked by the everyday person but according to research managing your blood sugar is key in preventing an alarming array of common female wellbeing concerns. Linked to period issues, menstruation irregularity, infertility, PCOS, depression, anxiety, insomnia and diabetes - not to mention intensified aging, acne and other skin concerns, mismanaged blood sugar is a critical risk factor for most problems faced by women today. Here’s our top tips to take charge of your blood sugar the natural way -

According to research 80% of people who don’t have diabetes experience glucose spikes every day from the food they consume. While it’s natural to have a glucose response from our food - because food is energy (aka glucose) - it can become problematic when the response is significantly high and it’s a regular pattern throughout the day (i.e. every time you eat).

Unfortunately, today’s modern world has conditioned us to constantly be navigating a fluctuating glucose line with minimal understanding of how to build a blood sugar balanced plate, an overreliance on overly processed low nutrient foods and overexposure to ‘perceived’ stress which increases blood sugar levels too.

So, why does high blood sugar / glucose matter? Well, high blood sugar and chronically high blood sugar places significant pressure on our liver to autocorrect these spikes and bring our blood sugar levels back to homeostasis with the release of insulin. While this is a natural systematic response, when we are constantly performing this response day-by-day, meal-by-meal, we can develop what is known as insulin resistance (aka insulin fatigue).

Insulin resistance is when our cells no longer respond to insulin and are unable to appropriately take up the excess glucose and store it for energy. This then results in higher resting blood sugar levels and increased inflammation which has been linked to period issues, menstruation irregularity, infertility, PCOS, depression, anxiety, insomnia and diabetes - as well as intensified aging, acne and other skin concerns.

Mismanaged blood sugar is also known to enhance cravings, incessant hunger, irritability, low mood, lethargy, brain fog and more. Thankfully, there are very simple tricks you can implement to support your blood sugar naturally:


  • Learn how to build a blood sugar conscious plate

When we eat, our blood sugar naturally increases as food is broken down into glucose for energy. The aim is to only experience a slight increase, as opposed to a rapid spike. To do this, always found your plate in protein, nourishing fat and fibre, and eat these macronutrients before your complex carbohydrates. This combination slows down the glucose (energy) release, better supporting your blood sugar levels post a meal.

  • Introduce an ACV mocktail to your routine

Research has shown that diluting one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in a glass of water and consuming it before your food can help reduce a blood sugar response post a meal, compared to eating the same food without drinking an ACV mocktail beforehand.

  • Move your body after food

By moving your body for 10+ minutes after a meal the body is able to burn any extra energy (glucose) from the food and level out a glucose response. Aim for a walk around the block or a few squats at your desk. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

  • Incorporate anti-inflammatory spices into your routine

Highly regarded for their anti-inflammatory properties turmeric (curcumin) and ceylon cinnamon have been shown to support a better blood sugar response post a meal. Incorporate these spices into all your food routines eg.

● Ceylon cinnamon in your chia or overnight oats
● Ceylon cinnamon in any form of caffeine (matcha, tea, coffee)
● Turmeric omelettes, frittatas and the like
● Turmeric to coat your roast vegetables for salads or side dishes
● Turmeric tofu, tempeh, salmon

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