Essential Oil - Sandelwood

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Sandalwood has a wonderfully relaxing scent and is said to calm tension and anxiety, its properties being more soothing than uplifting. In addition, the use of sandalwood is believed to give users a peaceful and calm feeling. Sandalwood has a scent that is sweet, creamy, smooth, and warm all at once.

Diffuser stone: drop 4-8 drops of oil on your diffuser stone, the fragrance will spread by slow evaporation.

Aroma diffuser: drop 10-20 drops of oil into your aroma diffuser. Improve humidity and spread your favourite fragrance at home.

Spray: drop 10-15 drops of oil in 1 dl of water and use as a room spray.

Sandalwood of pure quality is a precious Chinese medicinal material. Its unique soothing effect can make people clear, concentrate, and eliminate distracting thoughts. It is an auxiliary tool for self-cultivation.
As a medicinal material, sandalwood has the functions of improving sleep and calming the mind. It has always been valued by physicians. Sandalwood extract essential oil can reduce inflammation and swelling, emollient skin care, and prevent mosquitoes.


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